People come to Florida for the sunshine, the waves, and the long, long summers. However, they sometimes get more than they bargained for when they realize how hot and humid it can be. Pine Ridge residents may withstand the heat, but they’re no match for stubborn outdoor pests. Whether you’re dealing with mosquitoes or an overgrown lawn, Bush Home Services is here to make your life easier.

It’s the hot, subtropical climate in Florida that gives rise to so many pests. Everything from termites and carpenter ants to mosquitoes thrives here for months on end. Even the grass and weeds grow faster than normal thanks to plentiful sunshine and afternoon storms.

Termite Control

Termites are destructive pests that cause thousands of dollars in damages in only a few months. In fact, these insects ravage homes and businesses by the billions annually in the United States alone. They not only burrow through wood; they also use it as a food source. They’ll continue to eat through the wood as their colony grows, eventually compromising the entire building. Our specialists can treat your home for termites, as well as set up preventative barriers to keep them out.

Mosquito Misting Services

Mosquitoes feed on blood and transmit dangerous viruses in the process. They’re the cause of so many Zika virus outbreaks and West Nile virus cases, and the numbers will only grow if these pests are not eliminated. Because it rains so often in Pine Ridge, there are many puddles of standing water left behind. Female mosquitoes use this water in which to lay their eggs and to bring about a population explosion. We use effective misting systems to knock down existing infestations and to prevent the occasional stragglers from entering your yard.

Professional Pest Control in Pine Ridge

Contact Bush Home Services in Pine Ridge for a free quote and more information about our pest control and lawn care services. Our experienced and professional technicians will inspect your property and home for invasive insects and use the appropriate treatments to eradicate any infestation. We’ll also take care of the toughest lawns and build a landscape that you can be proud to own. When termites are eating away at your home we can handle any task with care and urgency.

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