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Inverness, FL Pest Control & Lawn Care

landscapeSurrounded by preserves and state parks, residents in Inverness have many outdoor areas in which to hike or to enjoy the scenery. With the heat, humidity and natural habitats in and around the city, it's not uncommon to have pest infestations pop up in yards throughout every neighborhood. In addition, abundant sunshine and daily rain showers lead to wildly overgrown lawns and shrubs. Bush Home Services specializes in pest control and lawn care, taking care of your home and property all in one.

Residential Pest Control

The surrounding waterways and forests are responsible for the many different pests that invade homes around Inverness. Everything from spiders and ants to roaches and rodents find ways inside and infest every living space. Bedbugs and fleas latch onto clothing and hitch rides inside, and mosquitoes congregate in backyards because of the consistent rains and humidity.

Our pest control specialists are trained to handle any pest infestation no matter the species. We can treat pests on the spot using effective solutions and apply preventative treatments to stop recurring infestations on your property or in your home.

Lawn Care

Having a healthy, well-maintained lawn is one way to stop infestations from occurring. Overgrown grass, thick weeds, and random debris give pests numerous areas in which to live, to hide and to breed. Not only that, but an unkempt lawn decreases your home's curbside appeal and reduces the overall beauty of your home and property.

We understand the time and the effort that it takes to maintain a lawn week in and week out. Our lawn care technicians have the tools, the time and the desire to create a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. We'll treat the lawn for pests, feed the grass with the proper nutrients and maintain it over time to achieve stunning results.

Outdoor Landscaping

It's the landscaping that sets your home apart from the other houses in your neighborhood. Maybe your driveway has unsightly cracks, or perhaps the backyard isn't very inviting. People notice the landscape whenever they drive by a home, so you should want yours to tell a story and to represent your style to every passerby.

We provide landscaping services such as installing pavers, water features, and outdoor fireplaces. We can transform your backyard patio into an outdoor kitchen complete with a fireplace and a cozy sitting area. Our specialists can decorate with landscape lighting to create the right mood and atmosphere at night. Whether you need a new fence or a backyard pond, we can see the entire process through to completion.

Bush Home Services

Contact Bush Home Services for a free estimate and to learn about our many pest control and lawn care services. We'll treat your home for pests, maintain your lawn and create a landscape that makes your home stand out in your neighborhood.